Red Bull: Adventures from the Can

Alternate Version


Digital Collages

'After School'
Because I'm apparently obsessed with my various jobs, here are the 3 jobs I had after school (Ryerson) - Red Bull, National Ballet and Joe Fresh.



Collage Part 2

Cuttin' n' Pastin'
I'm not a huge fan of collage... But this 'Old School' theme was fun - I might put this 'mix-tape' idea in my pocket and keep it for later. The whole 'flute' thing... not so much (it was fun to make a flute out of letters, though). 


Collage This

'Old School' Part 1

Emotions Part 2: Digital Edition!

Take Two
We had to redo our sketchbook emotional transition in Photoshop and so I did.



Checking Out a Sexy Lady

You Got Me Feeling Emotions

Emotional Transitions